Cosmetic Dentistry


OMG! Thank you guys. I always knew I had good teeth, without too much hard work they were nicely formed but for a couple that had chips here and there from being a naughty little girl fighting with boys at early age. The only thing that I could not do was to keep all my teeth the same color. I tried off the counter stuff. No amount of brushing did the job. Thank you for showing me all the options available. Veneers were definitely for me. Now when I'm at a board meeting, I can smile with confidence, without feeling like someone is looking at a couple of discolored teeth or chipped teeth. I love my new smile.

Samantha Williams - Houston, TX

I would not hesitate to bring my mother or my kids all the way to Houston to see the guys at Garden Oaks Dental. Your service has been impeccable.

Billy Jack - Kountze, TX

Being on flight to different countries for meetings and brokering deals, nothing like sparkling teeth and mirror shining shoes. Thank you for giving me the former.

Julian Franzis - Seabrook, TX

When you look great, you feel great. That's why it's so important to have a beautiful smile you can proudly show off to the world. Garden Oaks Dental Clinic offers a full line of cosmetic dentistry services to restore your smile. Browse our cosmetic dentistry services below to discover how we can transform your smile.

Partials and Dentures
Partials and dentures are removable prosthetics that can be used to replace teeth and restore your smile. Whether you have no teeth left whatsoever or you're looking for a prosthetic to support your remaining teeth, our dentists can find the cosmetic dental solution that's just right for you. We'll also give you the information you need for caring for your partials or dentures and your mouth.

Bridges work with crowns to fill the space left by missing teeth and to restore function to your bite. Our experienced dentists carefully craft each bridge to both look and perform its very best, so you can have a smile that looks great and meets your functional needs.

Dental Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain crowns are used when a tooth gets damaged and can't be repaired with a filling. Our porcelain crowns blend naturally with your teeth, restore strength to your bite, and help to complete your smile makeover.

Cosmetic Veneers
Cosmetic veneers can solve a range of cosmetic dental issues, including general wear and tear, worn enamel, uneven teeth, or abnormal spacing. Our cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth carefully and create veneers that bond perfectly to your teeth, giving you the beautiful smile you desire.

Composite Bonding
With composite bonding, a composite material is bonded to the visible surface of your tooth, restoring beauty and evenness to your smile. The composite bonding process is fast and relatively painless when performed by our gentle, experienced dentists.